04 09 2020



“This 2019 vintage turned out to be easier to manage than the 2018, which was a vintage that ended up superbly but which caused worries and tensions. 

This year, the Merlot has given our wine an opulent texture and succulent fruit, while our Cabernet Franc has brought freshness and tension. We chose to vinify with delicate extractions in order to preserve the brightness of the wine’s character and the purity of its fruit. The barrel-ageing process is ongoing, and the wine seems to be absorbing the tannins of the oak barrels without losing any of its bright fruit character or its balance. Even though it’s a little early to give a verdict, which will inevitably be subjected to some nuanced adjustments, I do feel at this stage that the 2019 will go down as one of the very top vintages made by the estate. It possesses the depth, balance, tension and energy to be a vintage of great complexity and have an ageing potential worthy of the greatest years.”


Stéphanie de Boüard-Rivoal

“This was my 35th vintage, and the more time passes, the more I’m convinced that the 2019 will turn out to be a great Bordeaux vintage. There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind. Personally, I believe that it could be greater than our 2018”.


Hubert de Boüard de Laforest

Crédit photo : Deepix

And yet, it wasn’t all easy. There was the danger of frost in April and then heavy rainfall. From the month of June on, the sunshine worked its magic, and then a period of drought followed, though without extreme temperatures, except for three or four days when there were highs of 35 and 36 degrees. But the nights were relatively cool, which allowed the vines to take a breather. The harvest took place in perfect fine and sunny weather conditions. The picking was spread out between the dates of 18th September and 9th October when the last of the Cabernet Franc was brought in. Some rain showers a few days before the harvesting began proved extremely beneficial, enabling the grapes to gain enhanced balances and become more air-light and supple, while keeping their structure.


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