06 01 2015

Benoît Maire


Benoît Maire was born in 1978 in Pessac, near Bordeaux. Today he lives in Paris. He was brilliant at school with a great capacity for science and mathematics, the influence of which can be seen in his artistic work. He then specialised in philosophy and aesthetics. As an artist he positions his work with regard to art history and mixes different periods. His works are characteristically tautologous with representations combined with conceptual inventions against a backdrop of philosophical thinking around the question of chance.

The works carried out especially for Angélus result from a meeting with the Boüard de Laforest family. They represent combinations and compositions of things that tell a winegrower’s story, recount his or her expertise and express the difficulty in picturing the future with the imponderables of weather. The works focus on how the profession has evolved and the way in which human activity relies on the advantages of a terroir, of taste, of technology, constant challenge, the on-going quest for balance and the necessary accuracy of the craft.

The five works are exhibited in the nave like an epic panorama of the years that compose the history of the property: the three rectangular scenes in colour appear like a film in action, framed by two square paintings that open and close the sequence, like a break in a given period.

Benoît Maire is recognised for works produced in collaboration with other artists, philosophers and various fictitious characters. Today, he is one of the most promising visual artists in France and abroad in his capacity to render objects abstractly.