12 03 2020



Created at the initiative of Stéphanie de Boüard-Rivoal, Reflet, the first edition of which just released, offers readers the chance to get the latest updates on the wine estate as well as the cultural and leisure activities with which it is connected.

This once-yearly magazine, published in French and English and designed to aesthetically pleasing effect, has been created for those who follow the estate and love its wines. Made up of a rich variety of pieces and attractive illustrations, it provides them with an inspi- ring form of escape. This first edition offers a journey through the world of Angélus to meet the family figures that represent the property today. It also includes news about the vi- neyard, as well as updates on its hotel and restaurant business. This new magazine, a large part of which is devoted to culture, also highlights talented people from different walks of life with whom Angélus has developed close connections that have led to inspiring dialogues.

Once-yearly magazine N°1 2020/2021 Bilingual French-English 128 pages 15 000 copies printed

“In creating this magazine, we wished it to be a means of widening our world and sharing with those who read it the things that we do. We also wanted to reveal what drives us forward, the things that we hold dear, and what inspires us. It offers us the opportunity to pay tribute to friends, fellow producers and partners, as well as to the people who give us inspiration and share the same philosophy as us -which is to sublimate nature while preserving it, to reach for excellence in every circumstance, and to continue one’s path with rigour and humility in equal amounts.”


Stéphanie de Boüard-Rivoal CEO of Château Angélus