05 26 2018


by Yaron Herman

 It is on the occasion of a dinner created by the Chef Yannick Alléno and hosted by Angélus in Hong Kong as part of Vinexpo 2018, that the Angelus sound has been officially revealed by Yaron Herman in a private concert.

The name Angélus alone conjures up the sound of church bells, the symbols of the estate found on the bottle labels, in its logo and bell tower. Angélus has sought to capture this unique sound and entrust it to the great jazz pianist Yaron Herman for the creation of the estate’s sound identity.


 This new partnership with a renowned artist continues the intimate connection that Angelus has enjoyed for many years with the world of art and creation, while developing further its ambitious policy of arts sponsorship, first instigated by Stéphanie de Boüard-Rivoal in order to accompany artists in their creative processes and provide support and inspiration, while totally respecting their freedom and styles.


The reason for choosing Yaron goes back to July 2017, when this young, prodigious pianist was invited to perform at the Saint-Emilion Jazz Festival. His improvised piece on “four wines of Château Angélus” wowed the audience and is remembered as one of the high points of the festival. It was while listening to him that day that Stéphanie de Boüard-Rivoal had the idea of proposing an exclusive partnership.

As Angélus’s Managing Director explains: “For Angélus, the creation of a sound identity wasn’t an end in itself. It was really the desire to work with this young and already well-known pianist that triggered off the idea. On his very first visit to the Château, Yaron Herman quickly understood the uniqueness and character of our estate and the wines that we produce. He then offered us a musical interpretation which we loved immediately. It was a no-brainer for us.”



Yaron Herman is an early-blooming pianist with an atypical career, who has risen fast. His powerful style arrests the attention, while his repertoire sets out to embrace an almost bewildering range of influences. Yaron primarily positions his music as contemporary jazz piano, but openly pays tribute to pop sources, which he covers unabashedly in tune with his extrovert nature and appeal to artists and titles that help build his own popularity and recognition as a talented musician. In his desire to push back musical frontiers, he has worked with Quatuor Ebène, the concertist Bertrand Chamayou and more recently with Matthieu Chédid performing some outstanding concerts. In October 2014, Yaron signed a contract for three albums with the prestigious label Blue Note Records. “Y” was released in March 2017 and features a trio of artists made up of Yaron Herman, Ziv Ravitz and Bastien Burger, who plays bass for The Dø. Hugh Coltman, Dream Koala and Matthieu Chedid also contribute as guest artists. Yaron chose to compose his own “songs”, which discharge furious energy, while expressing amazingly delicate feelings.


Yaron launched two projects in 2018. He has formed a trio with the gifted drummer Ziv Ravitz and bass player Sam Minaie, who is on a world tour with Melody Gardot. And he made an album with the Geneva Camerata, and then went on a tour of performances in exclusive venues, such as Paris’ Cent Quatre and Hamburg’s Elbphilharmonie. On 25th June, Yaron Herman will be given free reign for the Festival of Jewish Cultures at the Trianon in Paris. He will be joined by Haggai Cohen-Milo, Ziv Ravitz, Michel Portal, Thomas de Pourquery, Federico Casagrande and the string quartet Zaide.


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Yaron Herman Angelus Master
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