10 19 2020


The ancient Greeks named it after its colour –blood red. This imaginary and fascinating animal has existed throughout the eras and across different cultures. It symbolises one of the greatest dreams of humanity: immortality.


Red like blood and red like the embers of the fire from which it always rises again, and red also like grapes and their nectar. Just like the Phoenix, the vine is in perpetual renewal. However, in each cycle, what it gives us is different. And on occasions this gift is of great value. 2018 is one of those vintages that are completely out of the ordinary and inhabited by life forces of their own. In that year, the climatic conditions were such that our minds were filled with doubt and worry right up till the middle of July. Vigilance, determination and rigour on a daily basis enabled us to overcome these difficulties. And then the situation completely turned round. Suddenly the obstacles had disappeared and glorious conditions set in that enabled the grapes to ripen without ever being burned by the sun; and just as the Phoenix that rose from its ashes, 2018 produced a vintage as improbable as it was generous and magnificent. To celebrate these moments in which nature takes an astonishing path, when linear time converges with the mythical “eternal return”, all the bottles of this vintage have been marked with the figure of the legendary bird that signifies eternity.

Magnificent freshness in the Merlot, a selection of very old Cabernet Franc planted on clay-limestone soils and gentle extraction during the vinification have combined to make this vintage a very great Château Angélus. A lovely depth of colour attracts the eye. Perfect aromatic purity, together with notes of black fruit give great charm on the nose. On the palate, a sweet note gives way to elegant tension with refined, velvety tannins. The alcohol and the oak are perfectly integrated. The finish is lingering, underpinned by the elegance of the Cabernet Franc, by the purity of the fruit, and accompanied by delicate spicy notes.   


Harvest: September 24th to October 11th 

Blend: 65% Merlot, 35% Cabernet Franc