The Arts

Beauty will be edible or not at all
Salvador Dali

The Plastic Arts

Art for inspiration

Art like wine involves a demanding commitment to a passion. Any artistic achievement begins with a flash of inspiration and transforms the ordinary into something partially divine. Angélus the wine, like the painting of the same name by Jean-François Millet, transcends reality to attain pure beauty. Both celebrate this call to devotion, when the church bells rang in the morning, at midday and in the evening, prompting the country folk to stop and pray in the fields. Both also rejoice before the vigour in a piece of land, the pride of hard work and the simple beauty of life.

Benoit Maire

This intense quest for emotion and creativity is why for many years the estate has hosted art exhibitions of the works of artists such as Pierre de Berroeta, Zvy Mihlstein, Jacques Germain, Michel Pourteyron and Benoît Maire, yohan Berglund. Angélus adores Art with a passion.

The reputation and allure of a film star


Angélus and the Seventh Art

Bottles of Angélus have featured in films adding distinction and refinement to various settings. Its uniqueness and what its name conjures up have appealed to the directors of a number of well-known films: in Casino Royale, Angélus is chosen by James Bond for an important meeting, La Vie en Rose, Conversations with My Gardener, 22 Bullets, and many others. Angélus stars in more than thirty French and international films. It is a key character in romantic encounters, reunions of friends and moments of sharing that cinema-goers are reassured by when they see it. Whatever the scenario, in a studio or in the vines, Château Angélus is always like tasting a plot of eternity, even if the sensation only lasts a minute!

Different personalities' takes on Angélus
Music begins where words are powerless to express
Claude Debussy


Symphonies at Angélus

“Les Grandes Heures de Saint-Emilion” are an important yearly event in the local calendar, when internationally renowned classical musicians are invited to Château Angélus to give private concerts in the cellars in September. The programmes feature classical, baroque and modern favourites and are followed by tastings of the estate’s wines.

In a comfortable setting “Les Grandes Heures” and "Les Grands Crus Musicaux" have offered an improvised stage for the magical Stradivarius strings of Janine Jansen and the virtuoso Maxim Vengerov.

Janine Jansen 13-15 Two Part Inventions No. 13
/ 01:57
RONNIE KOLE Silent Night
/ 01:49
Maxime Vengerov 3-15 Csárdás
/ 06:08