08 28 2019


Since its arrival at the beginning of the year, the autonomous over-the-row robot “TED” has changed a great deal. Over the last three months, TED has made great progress, both technologically and agriculturally, thanks to constant support from Naïo and to Angélus’s expertise.


Its tools have in particular been adapted by our crew, so that TED’s work complies with the agronomic policies of our wine estate. The first results obtained at this midsummer point show that it has successfully worked the soil of the “cavaillon” (the strip of ground situated between each vine plant along a row of vines) over an area of 8 hectares (nearly 20 acres) with the aid of inter-plant blades which cut off the adventitious roots at the bases of the vine trunks before earthing back up the worked soil around the vines.


Today, because of the fast rate of vine vegetation growth, we have equipped TED with a new tool, which we would like to introduce to you in a video: the “décavaillonneuse” (inter-plant plough). Easy to spot with its red colour, it enables us to eliminate, by turning over previously worked soil, invasive weeds in our vineyard plots one last time before the beginning of the harvest.