03 27 2019

Obtaining of HVE certification level 3

Angélus this week obtained from the Ministry of Agriculture and the AFNOR the HVE certification.


HVE certification (High Environmental Value), involves implementing the whole range of good practices that preserve the vine-growing ecosystem. Level 3 has the strictest list of specifications.


Among the actions carried out by our teams, the optimisation of the quantities of phyto-sanitary products used and the rationalisation of the vine-growing practices having a high-level greenhouse effect, have proved decisive. Beyond their effect on the environment, they have also enabled the tools of the company to be modernised. Fertilisation work, for example, is in the process of being improved thanks to precision mapping of the vines and a geolocalised distribution of soil-enrichment products.


Beyond the vines, it is the whole ecosystem that is benefiting from individual care and attention. Promoting bio-diversity through the revitalisation of areas of woodland, planting hedges, the presence of small walls, and the introduction of beehives, in other words the creation and upkeep of natural habitats, are also a part of the works accomplished at the estate.


These good practices join those that had already been adopted at Angélus for many decades, such as the absence of chemical herbicides, or more recently in 2018 the commitment to organic-growing conversion.


Supported by a motivated, eco-aware team, Angélus has committed to a broad environmental protection approach, in particular through its membership of the SME (Environmental Management System). Developed by the Conseil Interprofessionnel du Vin de Bordeaux (CIVB), the SME partners the company towards continuous improvement in its environmental performance.